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Busy Week Ahead

Its all coming together

This week is going to be key for my start as a cyber security.

I am working on finalizing my education plans this week.

Last week I worked with the WIOA program through careersource florida to try and get my education paid for.

I was dissapointed that my MDC courses would not be eligible, but was thrilled that there was a cyber bootcamp at The Academy eligible for the program.

This week I am locking down the process and will hopefully be enrolled shortly.

However, i know this is a govt program, and the govt always makes sure to let me down. I am still planning on enrolling in the MDC courses until I am in writing enrolled in this bootcamp.

Progress Update

So last week, I told you that I was working on finishing the Web Fundamentals learning course path in TryHackMe. I finished it, Friday, just as i said i would. After that, I started work on the hackerone CTFs. On Saturday I was able to earn enough in the CTF to earn my first private invitation to a bug bounty. I was thrilled to be able to tackle enough of the challenges to earn some invites, however I feel as though I still need work learning more advanced methods as well as working on android pentesting. I believe I should look for a course on udemy for it or something like that.

Big steps for the blog

So this “technical” blog is going to actualy start serving its purpose this week as well. I finally feel comforatable in my ability to start posting my work here.

And the first write up is going to be ….

The TryHackMe room, the Daily Bugle.

I am about to start work on this room, so I plan to upload my writeup at the end of the day. I know, I know, i said that last week, but things came up that i needed to take care of for my WIOA program

I also believe that I may have done enough research to attempt to add pictures to the blog and maybe, just maybe, start to build the frame for the site and make it a little bit easier to navigate (you know like break blog posts into categories, add an about me, etc)

I would also like to have some posts that dont quite relate to cyber sec or tech, but just interests and writing in general, idk, i may just add little snippets to technical posts.

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