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My plans for this place

I am doing this blog to give back to the cyber security community in my own way.

I plan on chronicling my journey into a career in cybersecurity. Maybe if i show my process it will encourage others to take a similar path.

At first It will be mostly covering courses I am taking. I plan on doing a lot of write-ups for labs and boxes that I do as well.

Eventually I would like to make this a place where I can communicate with the cyber security community as well as have some people reach out to me. I hope to have research and findings that will interest the community as well as further the field.

I may even chronicle some of my other hobbies such as 3d printing.

I also hope to share a lot of the photos I have taken along the way.

I hope you enjoy what you find here!

Some more info on the blog

So this blog has been super delayed. Getting jekyll and github pages working on an M1 macbook has been a royal bitch, but i got it working eventually. I also face the issue where looking at a blank website makes me want to format it and make it look nice before i write. I get the feeling its more of a procastination technique than OCD. But now I have words on the page and the blog has begun. I am hoping this will be a place where I can detail my journey as well as give back to the community a little bit.

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