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My Journey to this Point

How I Got here and Where I am Going

Reaching the Trailhead

I have been attmepting to write this first post for quite some time now. Its been about about three weeks since my time at Comcast has come to a close. To be honest it was upsetting leaving the company I have worked so hard and built so much over the last 6 years. But looking back on all I did, I am quite proud. I learned so many things and overcame many challenges. I felt as though I was very good at what I was doing. I was usually the one my team and other co workers would come to for help. I was always being assigned special projects. Over the course of 6 years I achieved ELITE (top 2%) twice. In the end, Comcast was a great starting point for me, and it helped me realize some things about myself.

However over the last year or so, I have felt it is time for new challenges and a new path. When restructuring came, I was heartbroken to find out I was not continuing with Comcast, but relieved at the same time. I saw this as my window of opportnity to go out and find that new path as well as the challenges that come along with it.

I knew I wanted to go into tech. For years i have heard the media say to the unemployed and disenefranchised “LEARN TO CODE!” or something similar. Coming from a hobbyist background around computers I knew this was the path I wanted to take. I began researching coding bootcamps to do UI/UX or data analysis. However as I researched more and more, I began to realize my passion for computers manifests greatest in cybersecurity.

I have always had an interest in cybersecurity per say. I grew up in an interesting time in personal computers and the internet. I remember going from apple 2s in my elementary classes to getting kicked out of class in high school for watching youtube videos on my cell phone. The advance of personal computing and the internet was rapid. What lagged behind was the security. and boy did i take advantage of that. My friends and I, used the school computers for so many pranks. I also used my knowledge of computers to get things I wasnt supposed to. I specifially remember learning to access my home wifi when my father grounded me from it and changed the password. I will have to detail some of my early computer “exploits” another time

Anyway, as I learned that cybersecurity was for me I have begun researching and compiling what I want and most importantly how to get it. Over the past couple of weeks I have completely dedicated myself to preparing for a career in cyber security. I have completed the TryHackMe Defender LEarning Path and TCM’s Practical Ethical Hacking course and am working on more courses as we speak! With the assistance of friends and family (big shout out to my sister Stephanie!), I have spoken with many voices from within the industry and have gained some valuable insight. I feel as though I havea pretty good “trail map” of my trek onwards.

Venturing Forward

In the coming weeks, I am going to be starting a class for prepping for Security+ as well as a class to prep for the CEH cert. I am very excited as these are being held at Miami Dade College. MDC has a pretty great program for Cyber and even has a cyber range that I can practice on. I am amped for these classes to start in the next month or so. I cant wait to build on everything I have learned so far and learn many new things.

In the mean time, as I wait for the courses to start, I am working on self-learning as much as possible. As I mentioned before I completed the TryHackMe Defense Learning path, and I plan to continue taking more of these learning paths as the style of learning really works for me. I do plan on keeping my blog updated with my progress on my coursework and things I am working on. The goal is to go into these classes knowing as much as possible so I can use the courses to refine my skills as well as understand the issues I struggle with. I feel as though this will be the way for me to get the most out of these courses as well as position me for employment after my certfications.

As for my blog. I plan on updating this often. I am going to try and stick to updating it every two days. I am hoping that this will help me gain confidence in my writing while also sharing my journey. Now I do plan on trying to add my pictures to these posts but tbh I have to do some research on how to get them in here. I also have plans to make the home page a little bit better. I hope you continue to follow me and my journey!

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